Contouring Makeup: So You Sculpting Your Face for Everyday Life

The newest contouring makeup trends modeled our facial features and give them perfect contours for a flawless complexion beautiful, a strong charisma and an expressive part of the face. TV celebrity Kim Kardashian has brought Contouring to perfection. Thorsten Joffroy, make-up artist at VICHY shows with top model Anna Wilken.

Contouring Makeup

how Contouring is quick, easy and simple integrated into the day makeup and great effects. We have to Annas Photo times the facial features, which are later lightened or darkened, highlighted some more. Learn more about Vichy

Contouring makeup With BB Cream

Contouring makeup With BB Cream

Contouring makeup for the perfect grip should after the day care initially a BB Cream can be used as primers (e.g. Idealia BB Cream of Vichy) Followed by a light foundation that is passed gently from the inside out with a brush, afterwards can be veneered with a sponge the result, so it is very natural.

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