10 Stars Who Do Not Know How To Dress Lists Of The Worst Outfits

How to dress lists of stars if deliberately dress up as, to get into all sorts of lists of the worst outfits of the week.

How to Dress From 10 Stars Worst Outfits

Today we decided to bring together the most frequent guests of anti-rating – choose your favorite- “fashionista“!

How to Dress From 10 Stars Worst Outfits

01. How to Dress Britney Spears

Let’s face it – Britney did not know how to dress well ever but in the days of “Oops! I Did It Again” from the pop diva was a significant advantage in the form of a charming appearance in the style of “the American dream” and toned figure. All this made the lack of taste Spears is not so noticeable. Fashion Britney slips unnoticed today no longer exists.

02. How to Dress Rita Ora

Rita – known lover of “n*ked” costumes. Here are some (for example, Irina Shayk) knows how to wear them, and Hur, unfortunately, no. Regular outputs in transparent blouses and public breast potryasyvaniya points in the race for the title of the most stylish stars, alas, do not add.

03. How to Dress Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Volochkova trange things that we do not get tired to be surprised; she always accompanied by questionable “sexy” clothes and the same tuflyami- ‘hooves.”  However, sometimes costing only Nastya mini bikini, practically invisible in the famous ballerina shpagatah.

04. How to Dress Paris Hilton

Paris – a true symbol of “zero glamor” We all remember the huge flock of her pets, pink dresses, rhinestones, brown and tan joint reality show with Nicole Richie. Since then, it took a decade, Nicole turned into an exemplary mother and wife, as well as a recognized style icon. But Hilton and stayed in the 2000s – its image of Barbie dolls remain unchanged.

05. How to Dress Christina Aguilera

Once Christina and Britney were friends, but since then much has changed. Despite the fact that Spears remains neutral with respect to Aguilera, the latter does not shun sharp remarks about colleagues. Especially haunted Aguilera Brit bad taste but we know, this is the case, illustrating the proverb about the log, not seen in your own eye!

06. How to Dress Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Short Flower Print Dress With Black Sandals and On Shoulder Clutch With Long Chain
Lindsay Lohan Short Flower Print Dress With Black Sandals and On Shoulder Clutch With Long Chain

Lindsey from the talented actress and a beautiful girl for a long time turned into a parody of itself “The mood Lindsay Lohan” joking Western party-goers, going to the next party. Trash-style Lohan also gained nominal character.

07. How to Dress Pamela Anderson

Pamela, like Paris, continues to stay somewhere in the past, namely – on the set of “Baywatch.” However, despite desperate attempts to look s*xy, Pam manages to collect rather strange and unfashionable images. But we had hoped that with the change of hairstyle will replace Anderson and style!

08. How to Dress Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus In High Waist Printed Pant and Black Top with heart shape Clutch and Short Haircuts
Miley Cyrus In High Waist Printed Pant and Black Top with heart shape Clutch and Short Haircuts

The more Miley throws caper, the more it begins to seem, that all this somewhere already … Oh, similarly hooligans Madonna in the 80s! Only here Madge in those days did not manage to pass the thinnest line between provocation and thus, it is disgusting, in their speeches, and in the clothes. Miley is it not possible for a long time.

09. How to Dress Nicki Minaj

Frankly, we doubt that you can somehow adequately characterize the style Minaj. So just say – this is a must see (and yes, we have included in this collection are not the most terrible Nicky outputs)!

10. How to Dress Kim Kardashian

Kim’s husband, Kanye West likes to mention in an interview, that the style of his wife – to his credit, and she is the stylist Kardashian. Only here in the days “to Kanye” Kim was not wearing a latex dress color sausage casings and strolled in platyah- “couches.” Kanye, can be, yet it is not necessary to save the stylist for the beloved wife?



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