Kendall Jenner Low-Cut Red And Black Dress: Incredibly Sexy with Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner Low-Cut Red and Black Dress With Calvin Klein

Fashion Week in New York ended and finish in style, Kendall Jenner was invited in the front row of the show, Calvin Klein. And it is in a low-cut red and black dress sexy Kylie’s sister was a sensation.

Kendall Jenner Low-Cut Red and Black Dress
Kendall Jenner divine Calvin Klein. Kendall Jenner arrives at the parade of her friend Calvin Klein.

What more awesome for a mannequin to afford a front row in rest time a parade? The Kendall Jenner was for once not on the podium but rather sat alongside Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington at the forefront of the parade Calvin Klein. Dressed in a sexy red and black dress, the face of the brand was able to captivate all guests and to honor her creative friend Francisco Costa.

In this period of intense Fashion Week, Kendall is everywhere. When she is not on the catwalk is the street that the young woman puts on a show. Always very stylish for all its outputs, Kylie’s sister is an icon that all creators snapped for their campaigns or for their shows. At only 19, the beautiful brunette has built an empire around her person with her physical, natural; it’s very fun side and her great kindness. You can be sure to find in the phone book all the most influential people of the time and world. Hat the artist!

Kendall Jenner, divinely sexy in her red and black dress

Kendall Jenner sublime in its little red and black dress.
Kendall Jenner sublime in its little red and black dress.

Egeria as Calvin Klein, Kendall has to be in the front row to cheer the new collection of her beloved designer Francisco Costa. For the event, the young woman has, of course, brought a comic creation by Mr. Klein and for once, this pretty short piece sexy red and black worn by Kendall caused a sensation. The bomb is more glamorous than ever while remaining super class. It’s a bit like the Kendall Indeed, it is this art to wear clothes a bit daring but to never vulgar.



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