Salicylic Acid Against Acne Persistence for Women Aged 20-39 Years

A woman aged 20-29 in two is affected by acne, Salicylic acid and it is still one in three for women aged 30-39 years … Even if we would preserve her youth forever, not here to speak of juvenile acne! This is persistent acne, whether of hormonal origin or caused by other factors, sometimes outside. Fortunately, a substance showing good effectiveness in the fight against acne late: the salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid as a cream to fight against persistent acne

Salicylic acid as a cream to fight against persistent acne

Salicylic acid is recommended to treat the mild acne because it helps regulate the secretion of sebum, unclog pores, heal injuries and avoid scarring. It has a cleansing effect, astringent, exfoliating, moisturizing, but also because it stabilizes the pH of the skin. It is then in the form of gel, lotion, cream and solutions containing alcohol. Treatment must be intensive and therefore of short duration, not make acne worse – if she feels attacked, the skin will produce more sebum to protect themselves, resulting in a resurgence of acne! Salicylic acid is available without prescription in pharmacies.

The peeling with salicylic acid to fight against persistent acne

Dermatologists now offer peels surface based salicylic acid to fight against persistent acne. These exfoliating peels will allow the enlarged pores to tighten, eliminate blackheads and microcysts and brighten the complexion. It is necessary to conduct several sessions, 4 to 6 general, fortnightly or monthly. It is recommended that, in parallel sessions “dĂ©kystage”, that is to say removal of cysts, and after the peel to salicylic acid, to maintain its effects by applying creams made of ‘fruit acids. These peels are not attacking only superficial layers of the skin, so it is possible to resume normal activity at the end of the session, however, carefully protecting themselves from the sun.

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