How to Choose Outfits With Shorts for Christmas and New Year

The shorts are not only a leader summer, many patterns and fabrics that can be used in winter and, for this reason, can be considered a piece of clothing to wear even through the fine holiday season.

Christmas outfits with shorts youth 2015-2016

Let’s start by saying that short of jeans is summer, then exclude telo closet. The short winter is, in fact, heavy fabrics such as velvet and wool and tartan, herringbone, diamonds, explained or pie de poule. The patterns are different, the choice is based on their physical. Women with physical apple, pear or hourglass must exclude models balloon or with pleats on the front, perfect for women instead inverted triangle and rectangles.

A rule that applies to all: the shorts must be at least five inches below the groin.

Girls Wearing Shorts on Crop T-shirt With Shoes in Beautiful Hairstyles
Girls Wearing Shorts on Crop T-shirt With Shoes in Beautiful Hairstyles

This head can be used for Christmas Eve dinner and informal family for Christmas dinner with her grandparents. The choice of tights is critical. Besides having to protect from the cold play a key role if the outfit is off, or it can be simple and unobtrusive for sophisticated looks.

For example, in a short black corduroy, you can match the socks and a sweater embroidered with jewel choker, or you can add a beautiful statement necklace.

Outfits Ideal sweaters, plaid T-shirt and blouses jab into shorts

Another basic rule: never wear a T-shirt with short cover her, although half length. In fact, a long T-shirt weigh the bust creates that effect and I do not see that confuses the viewer, making the outfits vulgar.

Ideal sweaters, plaid shirts and blouses jab into shorts. If you feel the cold, you can combine a big scarf that in the case of chills may be used am a shawl.

The heels are permitted, but must be dosed for good. No stiletto heels or in excess of 10 cm. For a look bon ton ideals dancers sober and elegant.



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